ZAVA Lights Spring 2021


There is new light! We are happy to announce that starting May, we may count Zava Luce - a premium Italian designer of lighting products - as a member of our family of suppliers. Their Spring 2021 collection is characterised by a vibrant selection of colours and purity of form. Early bird pre-order are already open!

The Italian lighting brand Zava Luce grwo from a metalworking business started by Franco Zavarise almost 50 years ago. They have cherished, nurtured and developed those skills through the decades, joining it with supreme Italian design along the way. Zava Luce merges the hand craft skills and cutting-edge technology, to produce lighting which is both trendy and made to last. Their Spring-Summer collection for 2021 is characterized by clear lines and a refined assortment of colors.

so meta…


The slimmest, lightest most flexible – Meta is available as a suspension, table, floor and wall version, as well as an array of colours.

the lightspeaker…


To be frank, the Reverb does not really come with a built-in sound source. At least, not for the time being. But if you ever looked in vain for a lamp to perfectly go with your Bang&Olufsen soundsystem, your search is over. And on top of the table version shown here, the Reverb also comes as a wall and ceiling edition, with many material and colour options. Poleg namizne, je Reverb na voljo tudi v stropni in stenski izvedbi, ter večih materiali in barvah.

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practically suspended…


The Driyos series is characterised by its idiosyncratic designed-in cable storage spool. Not only does it make adjusting it to the optimal suspension height a breeze, it also lends the product a quite unique visual identity. Available in three sizes and three colour choices.

naked portability…

Driyos Naked

Alongside its bigger suspension cousins, the Driyos is also available in this highly portable version. Its use is left to your imagination – as a table lamp, an attractive floor-washing glow, or even to be suspended in the boughs of your favourite tree and play with the shadows.

a wireless tabletop


Just in time for all those springtime coffees on the balcony and cosy snacks in the garden, the portable Fenex provides discrete lighting you can regulate with the built-in 3-stage dimmer. If the classical pure white edition is not your thing, you can always cheer it up with a colourful ring detail – available in red, black or a RAL shade of your choosing.

also for garden parties…


Apart from its indoor floor, ceiling and wall versions, the robust “Cantiere” is naturally also available as a weather-resistant outdoor lamp. After all, how could a product inspired by naval and industrial design, desserve anything less.

in all shapes and sizes…


Amedeo is yet another family of products, which includes all the different variants and options – suspension, floor, table and wall lamps. There is even a model with “IP” protection, for outdoor use. Featuring a full-metal body, the Amedeo is sure to last you forever.

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slim and colourful


While presented here as a single product, Jeena is really an entire group of products, ranging from three sizes of suspension lamps, to tabletop items. With the ten colour options at your disposal, findin one that perfectly suits your space will be child’s play.

spinning hanging floating…


Even as they form a unified whole, each of the suspended rings in the “Rings” is independently adjustable, allowing you to set up unique compositions of form and light all on your own. The “Rings” components are available in 14 different sizes and four colours, both with and without dimming options.

The Zava Luce brand as they present themselves, is just below…


Naturally, the above products are by no means the entire new Zava Luce collection. Their webpage – – is teeming with attractive lights and even some furniture pieces. Worry not, even the products not listed above, can be readily ordered – either directly via email, or through the pop-up form below.

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