Bank of Slovenia

Refurbishment of the main atrium of the Bank of Slovenia

A symbolically-charged space calls for equally symbolic light.

The element defining the refurbishment project for the main atrium of the Bank of Slovenia, by Sadar Vuga architects, is a sculptural golden circle. Its size and volume appear on the one hand like the flow of finance itself – light and ethereal, while on the other, its mass and weight evoke the responsibility of the work being done. But setting aside its symbolic role, the element also plays a vital function – being a source of illumination. In order to allow for this to happen, Arcadia Lightwear developed a bespoke lighting system, hidden deep inside the suspended metal wireframe, so that none of the light fittings might interrupt the overall visual effect the architects had envisioned.

Photo: Miran Kambič




Ljubljana- Slovenia




General and decorative lighting design