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The renovation of Maribor's main public square by Multiplan architects is a tender synthesis of classical patterns and contemporary urban space design. It was with an equally gentle approach that Arcadia took on the task of designing the lighting for the most important public space in Slovenia's second largest city.

In their project description, the architects speak of the project thus: “The area of the Central square represents an absolute value of wider significance, which is integrated with the peripheral areas of the streets into a closed urban parterre of enviable dimensions. The shape of the square is defined by octagonal moduls and the multiplication of which creates a limited matrix of a larger scale. All the surfaces are unified by the common use of granite cubes, with an emphasis on reuse of the existing material. The edge of the octagons is highlighted by the white passe-partout all around them. On the edge, there is a centrally positioned water element which represents the focus of the market.The tall candelabra lamps on the southern edge of the square give the space a new, elegant height and act as a counterweight to the majestic palaces on the other side. In doing so, they emphasize the representative role and importance of the square in the urban context.”

FOTO: Miran Kambič




Maribor, Slovenia


Multiplan architects


Outdoor lighting design