3 BOX House

Sometimes it can be the limitations that provide us with the challenge which leads to the best result. Such projects can lead us to overcome our own limitations of the discover the potentials we never knew we had.

The three boxes house is a project the architect built for himself. When it came to lighting design, there was only one request – no visible lighting fixtures! Apart from the occasional designer light bulb. Working closely with the architects, Arcadia found a solution, which allowed for all the light sources to be either hidden behind wall panelling, or (in parts of the house without any), to be concentrated inside the wooden staircase, from whence it would then spread to all the adjacent spaces via reflection by other materials. The staircase thus becomes the principal source of illumination, around which all the other spaces are organized, while allowing light to enter into an intimate relation with the chosen materials, which transmit it through the building.

Photo: Tomaž Gregorič




Ljubljana- Slovenia




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