ELES Headquarters


Together with Scapelab, Arcadia Lightwear celebrates being announced the recipient of this year's Plečnik award, the highest architectural prize in Slovenia.

Designing lighting for a building which (at least on a symbolic level) is the source of all the light we use in our daily practice – the main headquarters of the Slovenian power company, could be considered to be the dream project for anyone working in the field of lighting design. While the realization of this dream might lead one into the trap of attempting to show off their knowledge and skill in an exceedingly flamboyant manner, in this particular case, the end result turned out quite different. In order to complement the austere, almost utilitarian architecture, by which the Scapelab architecture office paid homage to the industrial architecture of the past, the lighting design is equally simple, unobtrusive and pure. Light sources are predominantly hidden from view, and where visible, comply with the materials and forms chosen by the architects and maintain the character of the space and the building as a whole.

Photo: Miran Kambič




Ljubljana- Slovenia




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